Why Properties Need The Apartment Concierge

IN TODAY’S COMPETITIVE MARKET, you can set your property apart with a unique, private-labeled service your residents will love. Offering TAC with the rental or purchase of every unit not only helps attract new residents, it also increases satisfaction and loyalty. The service constantly adds value by promoting your property name in a compelling and personal way.

Your Property Name, Your Residents, Our Service

When your residents call the service from anywhere in the world day or night, one of our friendly concierge team members greets them by name, followed by a customized opening message with your property name. After they receive help with any request or phone/internet-based task they need, your residents hear your property name again with your tagline, slogan or any other custom message you create.

The way the concierge services work for your residents is fantastic. The way it works for you is even better. We do all the work, while you get all the credit—and signed leases. TAC constantly adds more value to your property and impact to your marketing by promoting you in a very personal way.

Powerful and Affordable Brand Exposure

Everyday, people are bombarded with marketing messages from every direction. TAC allows you to cut through the clutter. When compared to traditional outbound marketing like magazines, newspapers, billboards, television or radio, research shows that none of them are as targeted or promote your property name as often—and as affordable—as the The Apartment Concierge.

That’s because, unlike those other methods, residents actually want to experience the concierge services. They seek it out, not the other way around. Plus, this concierge service goes everywhere they go.

Now you can attract, sign, and renew residents by giving them a unique high-touch amenity.


Try the service now branded in your property’s name.
You will experience exactly what your residents experience.

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