Why Residents Love It

Personal Attention = Resident Retention

TAC is so much more than just a concierge services. When your residents call the dedicated toll-free number from anywhere in the world day or night, a member of our friendly concierge services team will answer quickly (no automated voice response systems to deal with), greet them by name, and deliver a customized greeting from your property. Residents then receive help with virtually any question or phone/internet-based task they need. Afterward, they’ll hear your property name again with your tagline, slogan or any other custom message you create.

Resident Benefits:

  • Provides Anything, Anytime, Anywhere® 24/7
  • Answers questions on any topic
  • Fulfills phone/internet-based tasks
  • Personalized service greets callers by name
  • Service available in English, Spanish and French
  • Includes a branded concierge mobile app
  • Global access by cellphone, email, text, app, and Internet
  • Provides an enhanced feeling of security and safety
  • Helps acclimate residents to new neighborhoods

An old adage says that “life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” TAC helps your residents make—and fulfill—those plans so they have more time to enjoy life. And every call is branded with your property name. It’s a powerful incentive that gives residents a compelling reason to join and stay with your community.

Smarter Than Smartphones—and Safer!

For people on the go, The Apartment Concierge is far more convenient and effective than using smartphones to search. Our concierge team is professionally trained and utilizes multiple resources, including subscription-only databases and websites. Simple or complex, they can fulfill virtually any request quickly and efficiently.

In fact, with our service, any phone is a “smart” phone. An average 60-second call to a live assistant can get more done than 60 minutes of smartphone searching, even with voice-recognition apps. Plus, it’s much safer. A new independent AAA study found that it is more distracting to use voice-recognition technology on phones and in-vehicle devices while driving than to speak to a live person.

TAC’s service has such an impact on residents’ lives—and it’s such a “cool” amenity to use—that they’ll tell others about it and your property. Plus, in a recent survey we conducted, 88% of the people who used our concierge services around other people said they called on speakerphone.

That means they expose the service—and your property name—to friends, family and business associates (aka potential residents). It’s a terrific marketing solution that promotes your property constantly and generates resident referrals.

Residents receive help with virtually any question or task they may need.


Try the service now branded in your property’s name.
You will experience exactly what your residents experience.

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