Resident Messaging Program

Faster and Easier Community Communication

Constant resident communication is a key factor in making residents feel like part of your community. But how do you keep in touch? Are you still taping leaflets to residents’ doors? Are you pinning paper notices on bulletin boards by the pool or mailboxes?

Use our exclusive Resident Messaging program instead. It’s simpler and much more cost-effective. It can be accessed through your Control Panel quickly and easily. Plus, it’s included free with your branded concierge program. The exceptional value of Resident Messaging alone is well worth providing the concierge service to your property.

Residents: Send unlimited email and text messages to any or all of your residents. Send announcements or notifications about upcoming property events, weather warnings, security alerts, package arrivals, late rent reminders, leasing notifications, maintenance notices—and anything else. All emails are sent via a simple-to-use interface with a custom header that includes your property logo.

Visitors: Send up to three promotional text messages to all your potential residents registered on the Visitor 30-Day Demo account. It’s a very persuasive direct marketing tool that brings them back to rent from you.

Employees: Property Managers can send emails and text messages to one or all Leasing Agents and other staff members. It’s the ideal way to help increase productivity.

Go Green with TAC

Save money, time—and paper. Stop printing leaflets and bulletins and taping them to your residents´ doors hoping they see them. Use Resident Messaging instead. It’s far more efficient and it’s environmentally friendly. You’ll also know for sure that your residents are getting important messages.

Resident Messaging is the simpler and more cost-effective way to keep in touch with residents and staff.


Try the service now branded in your property’s name.
You will experience exactly what your residents experience.

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