Program Management

TAC is Easy to Manage

ANOTHER GREAT THING ABOUT TAC program (besides exceptional marketing benefits and increased resident satisfaction) is that it’s so simple to manage, even for larger properties. The Apartment Concierge provides a secure, customized web-based Control Panel that gives you the ability to manage your customized concierge program quickly and easily.

You can use the Control Panel to:

  • Activate Resident* and Visitor accounts (see below)
  • Change your concierge phone greeting and closing message
  • View resident billing and accounts
  • Add employee access
  • Manage the online community event calendar

Visitor and Resident Accounts

TAC’s service can be provided to visitors and residents. It gives visitors a compelling reason to lease from you rather than other properties, and it motivates residents to re-sign when their leases end.

Visitor 30-Day Demo: On average, renters look at five different properties before making a decision. So make an irresistible, lasting first impression. Provide them with a complimentary 30–day concierge demo service (30-minutes over a 30-day period) just for touring your community. They’ll hear your property name every time they use it.

Resident Unlimited Service: When residents join your community, they’ll have unlimited access to your branded concierge services for the life of their lease. Continued exposure to the service—and your property name—builds unparalleled resident satisfaction and long-term brand loyalty. TAC constantly adds value by promoting your property in a very personal way.

*For your convenience, your TAC account manager will can also activate all of your residents at once through database integration.

TAC is simple to manage, even for larger properties.


Try the service now branded in your property’s name.
You will experience exactly what your residents experience.

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