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TAC is located in our world headquarters in Texas. Everyone knows that everything is bigger in Texas–especially the concierge service. Our friendly concierge team members are experts at helping your residents with Anything, Anytime, Anywhere® 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Every team member has outstanding online search capabilities, strong problem-solving skills, superb phone etiquette, and loves a challenge. Simple or complex, they can provide assistance with any type of question, and fulfill any type of phone/web-based task. They are honored to be your residents’ lifeline to the world.

Our Technology: The Innovation Engine

Supporting our concierge team is a fine-tuned innovation engine. Our back-end infrastructure and platform were designed and built from the ground up to better serve our clients and their residents. Using a proprietary caller ID integration, the assistants know who is calling so they can greet them by name. They also know which property the resident is connected to so they can answer with that property’s name, and deliver the custom greeting and closing message.

Faster Response Time

The platform also streamlines the request-fulfillment process, and even automates certain functions. That helps dramatically reduce phone time so the concierge team can help your residents more efficiently. If the caller needs more detailed geographic information, TAC also offers a VIP Assist mobile app that includes a GPS locator option. If selected, the GPS automatically pinpoints the caller’s geoposition. This helps the assistance team provide faster responses for driving directions and other geographically-based requests.

With faster response times, customer confidence and satisfaction with the service—and the property that provided it—is increased.

Our expert concierge team can help residents with Anything, Anytime, Anywhere®.


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