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TAC OFFERS branded concierge services for virtually every kind of property catering to any type of resident. It can especially help you attract the following growing and profitable groups of residents:


It’s estimated that the Millennial generation (ages 18 to 33) consists of 80 million people with a spending power of $200 billion. According to a recent survey by the Boston Consulting Group, some of the qualities that define this group is that they are obsessed with being informed, constantly use the latest technology, and seek instant gratification.

Among other limitless benefits, your concierge services provides answers to questions on any subject, including high-tech product reviews and comparisons, so Millennials can remain informed at all times. Plus, most answers will be provided very quickly, which satisfies their desire for instant gratification.


Providing TAC to residents of senior properties and retirement communities helps simplify their lives so they can focus on important things. Instead of spending precious time on a computer or smartphone searching for information, making travel and dinner reservations, or completing other tasks, they can simply have the concierge team do it for them.

Plus, the service is simple to use, even for seniors who aren’t technologically proficient. It helps make your senior residents’ golden years even more rewarding.


The number of on-campus and off-campus student properties continues to grow, which means they need unique ways to appeal to potential residents more than ever. College students are all members of the Millennial generation, so the TAC benefits appeal to that group (see above) can also be used to attract students.


TAC also understands the needs of military families and their lifestyle. Oftentimes, moving into a new area can be daunting, even when you’re used to moving around the country. But TAC provides military residents unlimited access to a live team of professional and friendly concierge team.

The Apartment Concierge offers a branded concierge program for virtually every type of property.


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