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WHAT SORT OF THINGS do your residents enjoy doing most? No matter what it is, The Apartment Concierge service can help them do it anywhere in the world. Simple or complex, our concierge team can provide answers for any question and fulfill any type of phone/internet-based task 24/7.

Even more, TAC agents also have access to several subscription sites like Hoovers, Monster, Public Data and Consumer Reports, as well as special resources like medical journals and other industry-specific information. So they can provide in-depth research on various topics if the caller requests it.

The service is accessible by cell phone, text, email, and through a free mobile app branded in your property name. Below are just a few of the ways our concierge team can assist your residents. And every time they call, they’ll hear your property name.


  • Wake-Up Calls
  • General Trivia and Research Help
  • Recipes
  • Food Nutritional Information
  • Wine Pairing and Cocktail Mixology
  • Weather Forecasts
  • Product Reviews
  • Price Comparisons
  • Online Shopping


  • Movie Times and Reviews
  • Event Tickets
  • Sports Scores and Statistics
  • Golf Course Tee Times and Bookings
  • Special Event Planning


  • Flight Status and Gate Information
  • Hotel Information and Reservations
  • Cruise Suggestions and Booking
  • Consulate and Passport Information
  • Business Services
  • Emergency Services
  • Transportation Arrangements


  • Directory Assistance
  • Dining Suggestions and Reservations
  • Driving Directions
  • Traffic Conditions
  • Local Hot Spots
  • Site-Seeing Information

Examples of Unique Requests

“It’s my son’s birthday and he loves penguins. Where can I rent some and can they be dressed in tuxedos?”

“I’m in Chicago and forgot my laptop charger. Please find a local store that has one and find a courier to deliver it to me.”

“I’m en route to the airport and will miss my flight. Please check when the next flight leaves and book a ticket for it.”

“I’m at Universal Studios and was told that tickets are cheaper online. Please buy four tickets using my credit card you have on file.”

“I have one acre of bare land and want to keep it trimmed. How many goats would I need to keep the property maintained?”

Simple or complex, our friendly concierge team can help with any question and task 24 hours a day.


Try the service now branded in your property’s name.
You will experience exactly what your residents experience.

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