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Attract Residents with 24/7 Concierge Services
Branded in Your Property Name

The Apartment Concierge is a unique high-impact marketing and loyalty program with a powerful incentive that
allows residents to have access to live 24/7 concierge services via their cellphone.


Even in today’s competitive industry, you can set your property apart with our truly unique marketing and loyalty program. Offering our high-touch concierge services is the ideal way for any multi-family property to attract and retain residents. It also increases satisfaction, builds loyalty, and generates referrals. TAC adds value promoting you in a very personal way.

The Apartment Concierge

When your residents contact your concierge services, they’ll receive help with any request or task they need 24 hours a day. We call it Anything, Anytime, Anywhere®. Plus, they’ll hear your property name and custom message every time they use it. Best of all, TAC does all the work, while your property gets all the credit, loyalty and leases.

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The only branded concierge marketing and loyalty program
designed specifically for the multi-housing industry.

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The Apartment Concierge
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